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I don't view musical enjoyment as an end in itself but as an intregal part of a lifelong adventure through culture, conviviality, expression and spirit. As a teacher I share not only the techniques of traditional music, but that participation in music leads to a richer life experience. As a teaching artist in schools, I strive to energize young minds to the notion that music, in all of its diversity, both present and past, can open our minds to fresh, creative and exciting ways to look at things. 

Solo School Program

In my  solo educational program I present the music of the Irish uilleann piping tradition interspersed with musical demonstrations on several other traditional instruments: the Irish wooden flute, tin whistle and bodhran (Irish drum) and song.

And of course the program is peppered with tasty bits of lore and history!


Ah Surely

Vibrant trio featuring uilleann pipes, fiddle, flute, vocals, guitar and Irish step dance. 

Celtic Fire

The unlikely combination of Celtic harp and uilleann Pipes make this duo stand out!


  • Acquaint students with the lore, history, culture and language of Ireland.

  • Demonstrate a range of emotions as expressed in music.

  • Show the similarities of people through time as demonstrated by musical expression.

  • Expose students to musical instruments that are rarely seen or heard locally: the uilleann pipes (Irish Bagpipes), wooden flute, penny whistle and bodhran (drum).

  • Enlighten students that there are many wonderful types of music throughout the world ripe for exploring.

  • Continue the grand oral tradition of folk musicians everywhere.

John Maschinot School Program
Ah Surely Irish music and dance Band
Celtic Fire Irish music and dance band in school performance
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