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Ah Surely

Ah Surely 2020 Medium Res.jpeg

Ah Surely is the title of a great old Irish dance tune. It’s also a common phrase that you may hear in Ireland, as in “Ah surely, the music will be grand tonight!” And every Ah Surely performance is indeed grand as Evan Kinney, Olivia Bradley and John Maschinot make you want to kick up your heals with a program of pure, authentic Irish music and dance! Combining the Irish uilleann pipes (a soft-spoken cousin of the Scottish bagpipes), banjo, guitar, Irish wooden flute, tin whistle and bodhran with traditional Irish step dance and songs in English and Irish Gaelic, the trio is sure to tickle the fancy of young and old alike! 

John Maschinot: uilleann pipes, Irish wooden flute, whistle, bodhran

Evan Kinney: guitar, vocals, banjo, fiddle, harmonica

Olivia Bradley: vocals, step dance and bodhran

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