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John Maschinot has been playing Uilleann pipes, Irish flute and tin whistle for nearly 4 decades. The uilleann pipes, or Irish bagpipes, are a type of bagpipe possessing a beautiful tone, much quieter than the more familiar Scottish Highland bagpipes, and therefore highly suited for indoor performance.

John's playing is grounded in a piping tradition that spans some 300 years. His influences range from some of the great living pipers and flute players: Paddy Keenan, Mick O'Brien, Tim Britton, Matt Malloy. And, he's a student of the late great musicians Liam O'Flynn, Seamus Ennis, Willie Clancy, Patsy Touhey, Paddy Taylor, and the Doran brothers: Johnny and Felix. With such an honored piping precedent it would be tempting to devote one's life solely to the study and performance of the fascinating music and history of the Irish piping tradition.  John is, of course, an ardent student of the Irish piping tradition but goes further to explore a larger musical territory, reflective of his life and love of all sorts of music. Growing up in Southern communities rich  in musical tradition, John thrives on the diversity that American music has to offer. Old-Time, Bluegrass and Appalachian melodies, African-American Spirituals, the Blues, and a perhaps a Cajun two-step: John has devoted much of  his career  to the learning and translation of non-Irish music on his decidedly Irish instruments.

John Maschinot, Uilleann Pipes, Bagpipes
John Maschinot, Irish Wooden Flute

John "cut his teeth" playing out at sessions and performing at pubs, festivals and concerts with The Buddy O'Reilly Band - Atlanta's seminal Irish/Americana band of the 1980s and 1990s. "The Buddys" produced 3 CDs: The self-produced "Under the Table", "Round the House" (Intersound) and Celtic Christmas (Intersound). John Formed The Celtic Company in 1990 and produced (and still produces) Atlanta's Celtic Christmas concert at Georgia State University  - a critically acclaimed annual holiday event beloved by thousands.

John regularly performs with Ah Surely, an Irish music and dance band, and often collaborates with other artists. He's been a guest musician on dozens of recordings.

John has performed for and conducts residency programs for thousands of students - K through college - both in solo and with the ensemble Celtic Fire, featuring Harpist Nella Rigell. He also conducts workshops for adults through the Road Scholar program, is a teacher at the Frank Hamilton School of Folk Music, and  teaches privately from his studio in Atlanta.

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